Guitarist | Arranger | Video Maker | Audio Engineer

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James is a modern fingerstyle guitarist and audio engineer from the UK. Over the past 3 years he has grown to be one of the most followed online fingerstyle arrangers with over 170,000 subscribers and 20 million video views. He is known for both his smooth playing style and superior audio quality. While James' expertise resides in guitar recording and mixing, his skill set is much broader. 

James began playing guitar back in 2008. His passion for fingerstyle started when he was introduced to artists such as Tommy Emmanuel and  the many great artists associated with the Candyrat record label, such as Andy McKee and Antoine Dufour. His musical background is multi instrumental however, spending many years performing in a range of ensembles, from playing Saxaphone in jazz bands to performing nationally in a steel band.

Alongside developing his music and video making, James has spent the last 3 years studying audio at The University of The West of England, where he studies a broad array of audio recording and production applications. James is due to graduate with a high class degree in the coming months.